What did I do over my Thanksgiving break?
I redesigned the landing page for nicershit.com and created merchandise and a store for @puppysblog!

Nicershit (anagram for Christine) is a street art zine I started during my free time between working at FHM and WWE. I have been photographing street art since I moved to NYC in 2002. For Nicershit, I sought out artists, writers, and designers to contribute to each issue. Over the next year and a half, I compiled and published five issues. 200 limited-edition hand-numbered copies were distributed for free in NYC. I have focused my attention on various other personal projects since then, but have continued to document street art and stickers. I decided to use the Nicershit website as a launch pad for it’s flickr stream, twitter, and instagram. I am inspired daily by the creativity I see all around me and am happy to have a new interactive way to share it. nicershit.com

The other venture was to design and set up a shop for @puppysblog. I already designed a batch of stickers that I have been handing out and wanted to make Puppy-inspired products for people to enjoy; cards, t-shirts, bags, doggie tees and more! Puppy has an amazing group of followers on twitter. They share positivity and cuteness along information regarding animals. Michael and I spent our break designing all the ideas we had been brainstorming and setting up the shop on zazzle for a Black Friday launch. The merchandise has had an excellent response, but most of all it is fun to create and a great new place to showcase my photography. All royalties from the sales of Puppy products will be donated to different organizations that aim to help animals.