Legendary New York City Mayor, Ed Koch died today at 88. Photographers captured Koch’s
larger than life personality throughout his lifetime. Many extraordinary galleries have been
posted today in his honor.

These are some of the best selects from AP photographers.

Koch stands among Beatles fans paying tribute to the late John Lennon in New York’s
Central Park, Dec. 14, 1980. Between 50,000 and 100,000 people huddled in windy,
37-degree weather in front of the bandstand for the silent vigil that was called by Mayor Koch.

Three congressmen joined a group of Quakers during a demonstration on the Capitol steps
in Washington, June 4, 1969. Twelve members of the Quaker group, reading names of
Vietnam War dead, were arrested after being warned by Capitol Police Chief James Powell.
The congressmen, including Rep. Koch were not arrested.

Mayor Koch greets a commuter who had walked across the Brooklyn Bridge upon his arrival
on the Manhattan side, New York on Monday, April 7, 1980. Surrounded by news reporters,
Mayor Koch told New Yorkers crossing the Brooklyn Bridge that they were on a “bridge over
troubled waters” but that the city would survive the transit strike.

Singer-actress, Diana Ross receives a kiss from Mayor Koch at the steps of City Hall in
Manhattan, New York, Wednesday, July 6, 1983. Ross announced that she will give a free
concert in Central Park on July 21 which will benefit the city’s parks.