WWE’s Unleashed feature was conceived and photographed by my photo editor, Ty Foster. With our shared love for dogs, we were able to develop this into a beautifully executed and entertaining gallery. The exclusive gallery features a wide variety of breeds and aims to capture the likeness of well-known WWE stars in their canine form. From “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair to Vince McMahon himself, we conducted an exhaustive search to find the dogs that best embodied the spirit of the most vibrant characters in sports-entertainment.

As project manager for Unleashed, I lead the team to refine the concept and create a strategy for promotion. The goal was to reach a new audience, drive traffic to the website, and inspire original WWE-related content. With everyone on board and excited for ‘dog day’ here at WWE, we went forth with a web and social strategy that encompassed third party coverage plus our social network including pinterest, instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter and of course, the website and app. Unleashed will also be featured in the relaunch of the WWE Kids magazine and in a summer edition of the monthly magazine app accompanied by an exclusive video. As both advocate and critic of this project, I pushed the teams to bring their best and I am really proud of the results.

CLICK HERE to see the gallery in it’s entirety!

Photographer/Assistant Photo Editor: Ty Foster
Photo Director/Project Manager: Christine Reilly
Associate Multimedia Producer: Alex Giannini
Jr. Social Media Producer: Alexandra Chammah
Creative Director: Dave Hilton
Sr. Designer: Joelle Brito
Illustrator: Ben Tallon