The Diva Day Off photo shoots have been some of the most fun and low key shoots I’ve done. I hire a very small crew and let these shoots evolve naturally. So many of my photo shoots are in studio with controlled lighting and specific poses already planned. With these stories, we shoot more freely with daylight and document the Divas in their down time. I shoot video myself since the talent know me well and I can be a fly on the wall. Plus, its a great opportunity to contribute in a new way. I first got the opportunity to be one of six principal camera operators on the Beastie Boys documentary film. I realized then how much I liked bringing my still perspective to motion film. Here is a behind the scenes video from Alicia Fox’s feature as well as some of my favorite images in the gallery.

Photography by Jon Ragel
Production, Photo Direction, Video by Christine Reilly
Wardrobe Styling by Sofia Karvela
Hair and Makeup by Hillary Fenton