This year, I decided to deviate from the idea of the sexy Halloween costume and take a risk to do something entirely different with the WWE Divas. I wanted to take Halloween back to its roots of ghosts and spirits. This is where the idea for the wardrobe came into play. Wardrobe stylist, Sofia Karvela dressed the Divas in layers of vintage slips, cotton and lace all in ghostly tones. The vision for the set was to create a room in a Haunted House. I rented the distressed walls and floors from Ready Set and acquired all of the props from State Supply Props. I had a prop assistant on set with me from 11th Street Workshop to help bring the set to life. I love how this all came together and how hands on I was able to be with this project. It paid off with how great it looked, how happy the girls were with it and it performed stellar. On Day 1, this gallery hit 2.5 million views.

With every feature I produce, I work with other teams to develop a strategy around how to promote the content and drive traffic. I had behind the scenes video coverage for both and YouTube, we teased out images from the shoot on the Diva’s and our social accounts that drove people into the site all week long. Enjoy some of my favorites from the shoot below and the gallery in it’s entirety HERE.

Side note: This set I created using walls rented from Ready Set is now featured on their site!

Photography by Mike Marques
Production, Set Design and Photo Direction by Christine Reilly
Wardrobe Styling by Sofia Karvela
Set from Ready Set
Props from State Supply Props