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Best of the Worst

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In addition to working on Wrestlemania last week, I’d pulled a double schedule of that and lending a hand with Hanksy’s Best of the Worst show. There was a very small crew with a lot to do. It was an amazing experience to be able to help with this show and to meet and work [...]

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Wrestlemania Diary

By reillypictures in wwe

Every Wrestlemania, follows a single or pair of Superstars or Divas on their journey to the Show of Shows. Photographer, Rich Freeda spends several days with them documenting their personal experience. This year, the photo diary followed various Superstars, Divas and Legends in the Bay Area and backstage at Wrestlemania. There are so many [...]


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Ice Queen

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For the first time in the 15+ years I have been producing shoots, this is the first winter that the weather has affected so many of my projects. Little did I know when planning this “Ice Queen” shoot with Lana in late 2014 that January would bring so much snow. With yet another snowstorm on [...]