WWE launched an all-new WWE.com, a global destination with the most immersive and personalized experience the site has ever featured, and a functional design across devices that optimizes content for fans anytime and anywhere.

We collaborated with Code & Theory to establish the strategy, design and development of the new website. I worked closely with David Hilton, VP Creative Design on maximizing the imagery on the site and Victor Gonzalez, Associate Creative Director on the UX. I managed my team to take charge in sourcing and delivering thousands of assets on time for various applications on the site. The biggest task was the Official Superstars pages. Every Superstar past and present has a complete profile with original assets. I brought solutions and creative ideas for tackling some of the most challenging content that would work across multiple platforms. I represented the photography portion of the site throughout the process including UAT meetings.

Here are a couple of the highlights of the new site:

• An all-new look with a variety of site designs and experiences that change depending on the time of day and day of week that fans access the site.

• Mobile-first approach in design, delivering a seamless experience for fans across handsets, tablets or desktop computers.

• A best-in-class, innovative video experience that puts video first and nearly everywhere. The persistent, site-wide video experience presents contextually relevant clips, depending on when fans visit the site and what pages they visit.

• The launch of English, Spanish and German language sites offer locally relevant content driven by WWE teams around the world, who will curate up-to-the-minute content during and around all WWE live TV programming.

• Improved social sharing and commenting features, allowing fans to share content immediately from anywhere on the site. WWE’s worldwide social media discussion will continue on WWE.com where WWE Superstar and fan social posts will be showcased and integrated into the content experience.

• Infinite scroll on the homepage and key destinations allowing users to explore unlimited content options.

“WWE has always been at the forefront of embracing new technology, and the all-new WWE.com will allow us to better serve our fans by providing them with compelling content anytime, anywhere on the platform of their choice,” said Rajan Mehta, WWE Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer. “With locally relevant content, WWE.com will enhance the experience for our fans around the world.”