WWE often leverages its brand and platforms to help address social issues worldwide, including diversity and inclusion, education, military support and providing hope to those in need. Teaming up for the fifth consecutive year, Susan G. Komen and the WWE are working together to raise awareness to help fight breast cancer. This year, I worked closely with the WWE Community Team to come up with visuals for the #MoreThanPink campaign.

WWE Community Team was looking for fresh ideas for social media. We have 10 million followers on our Instagram that we could reach with our idea. WWE & Komen were having receptions with survivors at two events. They wanted to have a photo shoot happening that would be fun for everyone and that they could use throughout October. The campaign is #MoreThanPink. Most of Komen’s imagery is black and white and quite serious. I pitched the idea of doing something that felt celebratory for the survivors. Light, pretty and happy. Komen loved it and it was approved.
Designer, Joelle Brito worked on the template with the hashtag and logos prior to the shoot. Zach Cordner photographed survivors, Superstars and celebrities together on a pink backdrop. The soft, light #MoreThanPink content stands out amongst our other imagery on Instagram, yet still appeals to our fan base because they get to see Superstars being candid.