Last October, Hanksy invited 70+ artists to paint the interior of an abandoned mansion in Downtown LA over the course of 5 days. On the one night only show just under 3,000 people walked through in few hours. The next day Hanksy painted everything over. The desire to extend the show and share the experience inspired the idea to capture every room in 360. Hanksy and artist, ME captured each room. The experience is a “choose your own adventure” art show that allows users to go from room to room and see artwork that only existed for a very small window of time.
I was lucky to be there for some of the painting days and for the show night in LA. I have witnessed this project come together over the year and even was fortunate to assist in the set up of the NY VR show. Below are some images I captured on the opening.
To experience Surplus Candy on your desktop or mobile go to If you have goggles, simply click on the goggle icon.

Photography by Christine Reilly
Customized goggles for purchase.
The 360 camera that captured it all.
JCorp with her piece from the LA show.
Security was pretty tight.
Andrew Nunes from VICE. Read his piece HERE.
The line to try the VR goggles.
Lost in VR.
Keeping the Samsung’s charged.
And it has PBR.
Sah D’Simone and Clayton Woodley
Cyrus the Vyrus with the Kaplan Twins
Imamaker’s custom painted jacket rocks.
Detail of timeline collage wall.
Crowed. All night.
Pen Ultimate
Free swag
The core crew who made both shows happen.
Lucky shot.
When the trash is full, the party is over.

Dega Films documentary of the project.

A Tale of Two Mansions from DEGA films on Vimeo.