Sami Zayn peeking at the show from backstage.
On December 28th, Kareem Black and I returned to the Barclays Center to cover a WWE event. This time, however, it was a non-televised show. WWE is the largest traveling show in the world. There is no off season. In addition to the live shows each week there are many non-televised events. This was my first time covering a non-televised show and it was an awesome experience. Void of the pressure of a live show, a packed backstage and limited access to the show itself, this was an opportunity to have free rein. The same pool of photographers capture the televised shows each week, but these shows have no coverage. Kareem had never shot ringside before and that is exactly why I wanted him to. He put two assistants with strobes in the audience and directed them throughout the matches to get the lighting he needed. We wanted it to look raw and real, not the polished look that may as well be TV stills. His access to ringside was not limited by a TV crew so he was able to get an all-access peek at the matches. The fans also had greater access to the Superstars as they spent a lot of time interacting with them as they were not limited by air time. We covered both the behind the scenes of the day and ringside for a robust look at our non-televised events.
The gallery hit 1+ million views on day 1. Here are some of my favorites. View the entire gallery HERE.

Chris Jericho puts Seth Rollins in the Walls of Jericho.
The legit boss, Sasha Banks shows her love for Brooklyn.
Roman Reigns on his way to the stage.
Kevin Owens was taunting the audience and Roman Reigns throughout the match.
This fan is awesome in Roman Reigns cosplay!
Dana Brooke makes her entrance and her opponents stand ready.
Charlotte Flair warms up before her tag match.
He was happy we were photographing his custom made jacket that he spent ‘a ton of money’ on.
Goldust gives Kalisto some words of encouragement prior to their match.
Seth Rollins is determined to not lose.
Enzo’s entire family came out to support him at their local venue.