Who will be crowned WWE’s Favorite Couple this Valentine’s Day? Our Social Media campaign focused on having the fans vote for couples in a tournament. Designer Joelle Brito and I collaborated on art directing the campaign so it felt romantic and cute to really stand out from our standard imagery and graphics. We set a style and from there refined it as needed for each aspect of the campaign; Facebook 360, Facebook Polls, and Instagram Story. We need to constantly keep our work fresh to appeal to the 700+ milion social media followers across all platforms.
For the design, we developed a cut paper look with fine details. For the photography, we used each couple’s Instagram images to showcase them in a more personal way. All of the elements would work nicely across all applications and allow for variations. We kicked off the campaign with a Facebook 360 graphic introducing all the match ups with a bit of information about each couple. Explore it HERE.

For the Facebook Polls, we created designs for the match ups and added a VOTE pennant element to drive the concept. The voting rolled out in rounds starting with 8 couples, then 4 advanced to the quarter finals, and then 2 to the semifinals.

After voting commenced, an Instagram Story went live to recap the entire bracket and the voting leading up to the winner. We designed frames for the intro and all of the rounds and match ups. We also developed templates for the video team to populate with original video clips and gifs. It ended with an original video of the winner thanking the fans for their votes.