Since Nikki Bella’s comeback, she has been working tirelessly on her strength and physique. This photo shoot showcases her in a way her fans have yet to see her; raw and powerful.
Our shoot was scheduled to happen before Smackdown Live in Pittsburgh on March 14th. I worked with a location scout at Orion Vega to source the perfect location. I needed a gritty, empty space that wasn’t a standard film location. The location we chose was the 4th floor of a warehouse that was in the middle of renovation. It was perfect. It was my first time working with photographer, Andrew Boyle. I wanted a dark and rich style and he had a lot of that in his portfolio. He had worked with the stylist, Sofia Karvela before so it was nice to bring them together again on a job.
Nikki Bella and my crew killed it. Everyone worked seamlessly nailing several looks over a short period of time to create a beautiful story.
The gallery was the highest performing this week with 1+ millions views the first day. The BTS video on YouTube is growing with 100K+ views.
Here are some of my favorites. The full gallery is HERE.

Photography by Andrew Boyle
Production and Photo Direction by Christine Reilly
Wardrobe Styling by Sofia Karvela for The Wall Group
Hair and Makeup by Toni Cordova