Photography by Brian Luna for High Snobiety

Every night after work all last week, I assisted artist, Hanksy as part of his core 4-person crew with his latest project, Market Surplus. This is the 4th show over the past 2 years that I worked on including Best of the Worst, Surplus Candy LA and Surplus Candy LA VR. Market Surplus was a one-weekend exhibition featuring murals by 10 renowned street artists, including Faust, PixelPancho, Elle, and L’amour Supreme in the now abandoned Essex Street Market. Every piece was an overt or subtle nod to the Lower East Side.

I was there to do whatever was necessary from walking around and encouraging or assisting artists to production, assisting in lighting direction and even final touch ups as you can see in the shot in the article. I also documented the space coming to life over the week. One of my photos was the show flyer. Once again, it was an amazing experience with a lot of great, talented people.