Tis the season.. to Riott! Surprisingly, I have never done a photo shoot where the Superstars wrecked the set. Always seemed a bit obvious to me, but with the Riott Squad, it made sense and it was so much fun! Around this time every year we do a winter or Christmas themed gallery with the goal of making each one very different. This year’s shoot was in Houston, Texas so I let that be a big inspiration for our set design. I worked with set designer, Chris Combs to create a rustic, glam living room on Christmas morning. We first shot a very pretty and classic photo shoot with Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Charly Caruso. Then, during Charly’s shoot the Riott Squad crashed the set and tore it up! They destroyed all that was merry and bright with big smiles on their faces. Wrecking the holidays doesn’t have to be mean, it can be downright fun! Chad Griffith shot a great balance of portraits and reportage. His warm interior lighting and cool environment outside made it feel cozy. Together, we set a simple story to keep the chaos under control and have continuity. Chad can bring the technical skills and the fun to any set and the Riott Squad fed off of his positive attitude. Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan delivered on bringing their own ideas and embracing ours. Ruby smearing the icing from the smashed cupcakes on her face like a warrior was brilliant. I loved that she did that. Each of their personalities really shined in this shoot and they had a blast.
This content was featured as a gallery, an IG Story and an IG post rolling out over the days leading up to Christmas. See the full gallery HERE.

Alexa Bliss

Mickie James

Charly Caruso… and hey, that’s not Santa!

Does anyone really eat the fruitcake?

When the fruitcake causes a Riott!

Let the chaos begin!

This is what Sarah Logan thinks of Santa’s cookies

Cupcake warrior, Ruby Riott

When you excuse yourself from the table

Even bad Superstars get gifts from Santa

When you’re shopping for others, but get a gift for yourself

Saw that tree in half!

Making fun of the big man

These boxes fit just right!

Gotta put a tag on your gift

Merry Riott Xmas and Happy New Year!

Photography by Chad Griffith
Production & Direction by Christine Reilly
Set Design by Chris Combs
Construction by Corey Green, Wesley Falk, Brad Ivy
Digital Tech Katie Hawthorne
Photo Assistants Roy Beeson, William Chambers, Scot Overholser
Wardrobe Styling by Sofia Karvela & Natalie Page for The Wall Group