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XFL Uniform Reveal

The XFL is here! At the end of 2019, I worked with XFL to art direct a photo shoot for the eight-team league and get them up to speed with their creative resources and processes.

For the XFL Uniform Reveal campaign, I was an on-set art director and post-production project coordinator. I art directed the home uniforms shoot for photographer, Laura Thompson while XFL Creative Director, David Hilton simultaneously art directed the away uniform shoot with photographer, Derek Reed. The production also included the video shoot that would be part of the content that would be used to reveal the uniforms across all digital media and marketing. In post-production, I was the project coordinator between the XFL Marketing and Creative teams and the production company, Phoenix Media. I assured effective communication between them and set timelines for final deliverables with the Producer.

Additionally, I worked with XFL to research and negotiate their stock account, set up guidance on archiving and file naming, wrote their photo job description and consulted on photo shoot production.

Photography by Laura Thompson Photo Art Direction by Christine Reilly Creative Direction by David Hilton

Production by Phoenix Media


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