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Ronda Rousey (Social Media)

The countdown has begun for the first-ever all women’s event, WWE Evolution! I am so proud and inspired by the women past and present who have pushed forward to make this a reality. It’s not just about a women’s event, it’s about a collective of strong minded, talented people who have shown that you can achieve what you believe.

The expectation all-around for Evolution was to create content showing the women in a way we’ve never seen them before. For me, that wasn’t about wardrobe, hair and makeup, location or lighting. How I interpreted that was to give them the experience of collaborating with two women who see them as they see themselves. This alone would deliver strong, beautiful photos that captures who they are; empowered, fierce Superstars and leaders in the women’s movement. Working with a photographer whose passion and drive matched theirs was important to me. Sophy Holland creates beautiful work that empowers women. Her enthusiasm for this project took it to a whole other level for myself and the Superstars. I feel very fortunate to have collaborated with her. We were a collective of women working towards a common goal; to create photographs that exemplified the strength we have together. It was fun, and it was special. The buzz backstage over those two days was undeniable.

The creative campaign from our Digital Media division was a rollout of a photo with a message each day for 8 days leading up to Evolution. The quotes transcend wrestling and are about being confident in who you are and what you can achieve. Throughout the campaign, this photo gallery, an IG story and BTS videos went live. See the full shoot HERE.

It’s time to make history.

Carmella (Web Gallery)

Charlotte Flair (Web Gallery)

Asuka (Web Gallery)


Becky Lynch (Social Media)

Ember Moon

Renee Young (Social Media)

Photography by Sophy Holland

Creative Production & Photo Direction by Christine Reilly

Digital Tech Heath McBride Photo Assistants Javier Villegas, Zoran Jelenic & Nick Beaudet

Design by Nadine Jones


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