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Fearless Nikki Bella

Since Nikki Bella’s comeback, she has been working tirelessly on her strength and physique. This photo shoot showcases her in a way her fans have yet to see her; raw and powerful.

Our shoot was scheduled to happen before Smackdown Live in Pittsburgh on March 14th. I worked with a location scout at Orion Vega to source the perfect location. I needed a gritty, empty space that wasn’t a standard film location. The location we chose was the 4th floor of a warehouse that was in the middle of renovation. It was perfect. It was my first time working with photographer, Andrew Boyle. I wanted a dark and rich style and he had a lot of that in his portfolio. He had worked with the stylist, Sofia Karvela before so it was nice to bring them together again on a job.

Nikki Bella and my crew killed it. Everyone worked seamlessly nailing several looks over a short period of time to create a beautiful story.

Here are some of my favorites. The full gallery is HERE.

Photography by Andrew Boyle

Creative Production & Photo Direction by Christine Reilly

Wardrobe Styling by Sofia Karvela for The Wall Group

Hair and Makeup by Toni Cordova


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