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Modern For All

AllModern partnered with Summer of Sass, a non-profit focused on transforming the lives of LGBTQ+ young adults nationwide through housing and life development skills, to design and furnish their newly acquired Victorian home in Provincetown, MA. Production on this partnership was led by my team's producer, Ramlah Shehata with the support of producer, Jonathan Federico. From coordinating product to on-location photo and video production, the producers and the AllModern team put their hearts into this project and it shows. Congrats to Summer of Sass and AllModern for showing the next generation "what better looks like". See this project featured in Domino.

The work’s just begun – help continue to give back to the Sassers. Donate to Summer of Sass

“The dining room is my favorite space – it brings the house together + serves as a creative workspace. In the living room, we wanted to make sure it felt approachable, comfortable + fun. For the bedroom, bright + airy were the goals knowing that it would be housing multiple Sassers.”

Photography by Mike Crane

Photo Assistant/Digitech, Gleb Budilovsky

Videography by Gleb Budilovsky & Plural

Production by Ramlah Shehata

Coordinating Producer, Jonathan Federico

Creative Direction by Meghan O'Connor

Art Direction and Lead Styling by Dana Wendt

Additional Styling by Camila Amortegui

Styling assistants Olivia Giacobbe & Rebecca Gotz

Post Production by Myra Thornton and Chris Rhodes

Global Brand Producer, Christine Reilly


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