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Joss & Main

As Sr. Imagery Producer, I plan, resource and produce omni-channel lifestyle imagery for Wayfair stand alone brand, Joss & Main. The Art Director and I ensure 2D and 3D imagery production is supporting and elevating the story of the brand. While some imagery is shot in studio, the vast majority of the imagery is created in 3D by our in-house Stylists and Artists. This photo-realistic imagery follows a similar timeline to a traditional 2D, but it is far more granular as we build every product, architecture, texture and prop from scratch. Tapping into my experience, I've very quickly been able to implement efficiencies, manage complex creative requests and build bridges between teams through collaboration. It's exciting to be working in an innovative technology to create imagery. These are some of the beautiful images we've created on Joss & Main for marketing and digital content.


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