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Prism Health

Prism Health is a start-up offering medical and chemo-rated nitrile gloves. Working with their leadership team, my company, GVO created the Prism Health logo, visual identity for the brand, and designed the packaging for their first product line, Prism. This was our first time working in the medical industry so I was thrilled to bring my creative experience to this project. With every aspect of box interaction in mind, we created a color coding system for sizing. The wrapped color band allows for easy fulfillment from the warehouse end to simple restocking on the client end. Our goal was to create a beautiful aesthetic that would be appealing to both medical professionals and patients. Prism Health’s clients were excited to have a medical product with a fresh design displayed in their practices. Prism was a massive success with medical professionals. Suppliers saw a high demand from clients requesting to switch to the Prism line. They also garnered new clients who were excited by the branding of the product. We designed several more of their glove lines; Prism NE, Prism 300 and a generic version of the original Prism line for on-demand printing.


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