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Wknd Nation

Finally, Wknd groove meets weekday style. A new way to dress for home, work and social. GVO previously worked directly with Wknd Nation co-founder and Creative Director, Sofia Karvela on creative talent resourcing and production consulting for the launch, Wear For Living. Then, Sofia re-connected with us to produce their e-commerce and marketing campaigns. We led the production of the shoots including casting models, sourcing creative talent, booking studios, and coordinating crew, agent, talent and client communications. Additionally, we created daily shoot schedules and assigned looks to each of the 5 models to ensure each SKU was shot in 3 different sizes for the PDP. Over two days at Stoodio One in Brooklyn, Luzena Adams shot the e-commerce stills while Sofa Alvarez captured candids for the marketing campaign. Clark Slater directed the marketing video on the third shoot day on location in Manhattan.

The entire shoot was remotely produced during December 2020 as NYC was potentially going to go back into lockdown. With protocols and back up plans in place, we were able to have a successful shoot in early January. Such a great group of people to work with!

Production by Christine Reilly/GVO

Creative Direction by Sofia Karvela

Retail Photography by Luzena Adams

Marketing Campaign Photography by Sofa Alvarez

Hair & Makeup by Agata Helena

CEO Phuong Ireland

Models Kudyba, Oleysa, Cindy, and Omega & Liz from JAG Models


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