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WWE Horoscopes

Illustrations by Ryan Olbrysh

WWE Social Media Editor, Deb Wecksell loves astrology and wrestling. She wanted to tap into the astrology trend and find a creative way to align it with the brand to kick off 2019. With her depth of knowledge about both astrology and the Superstars, she was able to put together a comprehensive brief. I worked closely with her to develop the idea into a stunning piece of original creative content that would feel on-brand and be engaging. Designer, Joelle Brito and I explored a lot of visual references to land on a style that was visually aligned with the theatrics of wrestling and the spirit of astrology. We decided on a simple color palette, a watercolor background, zodiac elements, fonts and photo elements to provide a consist style. Joelle got illustrator, Ryan Olbrysh on board to bring this project to life with his illustration style. The final designs needed to feature the twelve illustrations and the horoscope copy while working across two platforms with different specs; a horizontal formatted gallery and a vertical Instagram story. In the gallery each illustration was followed by the horoscope copy. We needed to think mobile-first when selecting fonts and sizes. In the Instagram story the copy sits below the illustrations.

Finally, we invited fans to see which Superstar was their astrological equal and learn what they had in common in these horoscopes written by Debbie. See how the zodiac and WWE came together HERE.

Web Gallery illustrations

Web Gallery illustration and copy

Web Gallery illustrations and copy

Instagram Story illustrations with copy

Illustrations by Ryan Olbrysh

Creative Production & Direction by Christine Reilly

Art Direction & Design by Joelle Brito

Words by Deborah Wecksell


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