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10Ten Media x Hearst Specials

When Hearst Magazines needed a high-quality, cost-effective way to produce single-topic print publications, it turned to 10Ten Meida. Their lineup covered a wide range of topics from cooking to science to music. Creative Director, Ian Knowles reached out to me to see if my company, GVO could help resource a photo researcher for a Hearst specials publication about Harry Styles.

I was excited I had the bandwidth to handle this one myself because I hadn't done photo research for a while. I connected with agencies and photographers worldwide to find the kind of cover image they were looking for. I provided 10Ten with a robust database of contacts, asset availability, lightboxes, and all the information they needed to license a cover.

After this project, 10Ten reached out again for similar photo research for a special publication on The Rolling Stones. With such a long career, there were so many more sources for imagery; agencies, photographers, archives. They weren't shot together as a group as much as I would've expected. It was really amazing to be able to connect with legendary photographers who have captured some of the most iconic band photography for decades.

Photo Research by Christine Reilly/GVO

Harry Styles: Photography by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The Rolling Stones: Photography by Gered Mankowitz


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