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Black History Month Campaign

Naomi (Instagram Post)

Black History Month is a celebration that calls on all Americans to reflect on the significant roles that African-Americans have played in shaping US history. WWE Superstars are shaping the lives of all who are inspired by them today. We’re celebrating the current African-American Superstars during Black History Month while reflecting on everyone who has wrestled in the ring before them and for the future Superstars ready to step in. They’ve got some amazing people to look up to.

I wanted this photo shoot to feel warm, celebratory and genuine for each person. These warm tones felt powerful yet cheerful which perfectly reflects on the range of personalities in this series. See the full gallery HERE.

The New Day (Web Gallery)

Bobby Lashley (Web Gallery)

R-Truth (Web Gallery)

R-Truth (Web Gallery quote)

Cedric Alexander (Web Gallery)

Alicia Fox (Web Gallery)

Lio Rush (Web Gallery)

Booker T & Titus O'Neil (Web Gallery)

Apollo Crews (Web Gallery)

Naomi & The New Day (Web Gallery)

Shelton Benjamin (Web Gallery)

Titus O'Neil (Instagram Post)

Black History Month Instagram Story

Photography by Gina LeVay Creative Production & Photo Direction by Christine Reilly Digital Tech Katie Hawthorne Photo Assistant Jeff Kavanaugh Design by Joelle Brito Interviews by Ralph Bristout


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