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GreenScreens is the leading in-store digital cannabis advertising network at the point of sale. They provide a platform that helps dispensaries inform customers, allows brands to advertise and aims to enhance the in-store shopping experience. Their digital screens are programmed to show product menus, announcement boards, social media, advertisements and now creative content.

My company, GVO collaborated with GreenScreens on their endeavor to produce creative content for their network of dispensaries in 19 states and over 700 screens. We pitched several engaging ideas to capture a broader audience. They chose three concepts for launch; Cannabis 101: Know It All! (facts), Breathe (meditation) and What Is It? (photo game). The goal was to capture the attention of costumers by entertaining and educating them in the dispensary waiting areas. The content needed to engage medical-focused, recreational, and new customers with an aesthetic that also worked across a variety of dispensaries. I produced and edited all of the video content including title graphics and completing 12 original illustrations for the Cannabis 101 videos. I created 62 videos in two aspect ratios for a total of 10 minutes of content. After delivering all of the videos, I then consulted GreenScreens on how to leverage their CMS to create transitions to seamlessly mix this new content with existing videos.

Cannabis 101: Know It All! Illustrations by Christine Reilly for GreenScreens


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