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Joss & Main: 2022 Trend Report

It’s that New, New! New work, new logo! January 2022 kicks off with Joss & Main’s annual trend report. Our Annual Trend Report is back for a third year in a row. And this time, we’ve recruited our favorite interior designers and influencers to report along with us.

Story time: While working in 3d can allow for a lot of flexibility, it can also have the same roadblocks as a traditional photos shoot. The couch didn’t show up! Well, the model of the couch can fail as well. This sprint was a lesson in being adaptable and a testament to how the Joss team can pivot. With high model fallout very close to the start of production, this imagery was re-merchandised. The collaboration and dedication on this team to maintain the vision made this work even stronger. Our visual merchandise and creative teams brought these trends to life in this imagery. From dream-like spaces to bold, earthy aesthetics, meet the trends shaping 2022.

Producer: Christine Reilly

Art Director: Jess Ginsberg

Creative Director: Jo Berliner

Design Director: Ali Hale

Designer: Katie Mazan

Light Lead: Kenzee Byrne

Stylists: Michela Finnegan, Kadija Minah, Molly Downing, Megan Searls, Jenny Murray

3d Artists: Lauren Scott, Toyin Obasa, Kenzee Byrne, Abby de Silva, Alyssa Quaresima, Chris Webber, Demetri Tsonis, Emily Wigemore, Gabe Davis, Jamie Guan, Jaquelin, Donohue, Juliana Nunez, Michal Borkowski, Richard Chaitkin

Post: Chris Rhodes, Andy Moran


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