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SummerSlam NYC Takeover

SummerSlam is coming to NYC! For this year’s digital content, I produced and directed a photo shoot in Manhattan with 5 Superstars; Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon, Jinder Mahal, Kalisto and Matt Hardy. The idea was to have Superstars doing the unexpected. Them out in public in their gear certainly surprised a lot of people. I worked with photographer, Gina LeVay for the first time on this project and she nailed it. I pitched the concept with her in mind. She previously shot some beautiful photos of athletes in public spaces similar to what I wanted to do. We shot around the Flatiron as there were so many classic NYC scenes there. We had just 2 hours to shoot as many different individual and group shots as possible. We moved quickly and got a great range of awesome photos, and custom BTS videos and on-camera interviews for all platforms. All of the people going about their day around these larger than life Superstars was my favorite part. It was like seeing real-life Superheroes. Some people stopped to check it out here and there and occasionally you’d hear people shout out the Superstar names or their catchphrases in the distance. It was a seamless and very fun day! See the full gallery HERE.

Ember Moon

Alexa Bliss


Jinder Mahal

Matt Hardy

Alexa Bliss

Jinder Mahal, Matt Hardy, Alexa Bliss, Kalisto & Ember Moon


Alexa Bliss

Photography by Gina LeVay

Creative Production & Photo Direction by Christine Reilly

Photo Assistants Jeff Kavanaugh, Chris Johnson & Trupal Pandya


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